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Frequently Asked Questions

"Frequently Asked Questions"


Q: Is it free to sign up with Ship Sticks?

A: Yes! Signing up is absolutely free.

Q: Do I have to be a golf professional to use Ship Sticks?

A: No, anyone can use Ship Sticks!

Q: How do I register?

A: If you are a PGA golf professional and work at a golf facility, simply go to www.shipsticks.com. If you are a golfer and would like to ship your clubs using Ship Sticks, click SHIP NOW on the Ship Sticks homepage.

Q: What if my club professional doesn’t use Ship Sticks?

A: Well, tell him to get his act together! We suggest that you ask your pro to go to www.shipsticks.com and sign up. Then you can start enjoying the convenience and savings of the Ship Sticks service.

Booking a Shipment(s)

Q: Can I ship internationally?

A: Yes, to ship internationally or get an international quote you can email quote@shipsticks.com with your pick up location, delivery location and dates of your trip or you can call a Ship Sticks at (855)867-9915 and a Ship Sticks Representative will provide you a quote.

Q: Can I create a round trip shipment?

A: Yes, to create a round trip shipment, under Shipment Details (step 4) select “Round-Trip” and select return pick up and return arrival dates.

Q: Are there items that I cannot ship?

A: Yes, there is a list of items that cannot be shipped in our Terms and Conditions. Shipping any unauthorized items is a violoation of Ship Sticks Terms of Service and may be in violoation of local and federal law and may be subject to prosecution.

Pickup/Drop-off through Delivery

Q: How much insurance do I need?

A: We understand the value of your clubs and automatically build in a baseline of $1,000 of insurance. You are able to add up to $3,500 to insure any single golf bag. Ship Sticks suggests at least $1,500 of insurance.

Q: Is there a weight limit for my golf bag?

A: Yes. Standard golf bags must be 42 pounds or less to receive the stated discounts. If the total package weight exceeds 42 pounds, you must select the option for “Staff/XL” bag (up to 56 pounds). If a bag is shipped and it outweighs the maximum allowance for the bag size, the bag could be delayed in transit.

Q: How far in advance can I schedule a shipment?

A: You may schedule a shipment up to 60 days in advance. You will be able to print your shipping label immediately after scheduling your shipment.

Q: Can I ship multiple bags at once?

A: Yes, to ship more than 1 bag at a time, under Package Details (Step 3), click the “Bag Count” drop down arrow and select the number of bags you want to ship.

Q: Can I add hotel check-in information to my shipping label?

A: Yes, under Package Details (Step 3) you can type in any information you would like. For example: Confirmation Number XXXXX, Checking in XX/XX/XX, Guest of John Smith.

Q: Do I have to ship my clubs in a box?

A: No. You can ship your clubs in a travel bag, hard case, or box.

Q: Where do I get a box?

A: You can purchase a golf bag shipping box at your local UPS or FedEx store.

Q: How do I pack my clubs for shipping?

A: Your clubs need to be packed in a shipping container -a golf travel bag, hard case, or box. Make sure the shipping container is completely sealed and all zippers, buckles, latches are tight and secure. You will have to affix the shipping label to the shipping container as securely as possible with clear packaging tape.

Q: Who is picking up my clubs?

A: One of our logistics providers will pick up your clubs. Your shipping label will indicate UPS or FedEx.

Q: Can I ship my clubs from my home?

A: Yes you can ship your clubs from your home, office, golf course or drop them off at the nearest UPS or FedEx store.

Q: Do you guarantee delivery on International Shipments?

A: Ship Sticks will make every effort to ensure on-time delivery of International Shipments. Customs, and other factors within the shipper’s control including the legibility of customs forms may affect delivery times which are outside our control. Ship Sticks will make every effort to aid and assist in getting any package through customs both home and abroad.

Q: Do I have to be home on my pick up date?

A: No. The clubs need to be easily accessible so the UPS or FedEx driver can pick them up (front porch, in front of garage, etc…)

Q: Can I drop my clubs off at a UPS or FedEx Store?

A: Yes you may choose to drop you clubs off at any local UPS or FedEx store. Your shipping label and confirmation email will indicate which type of store you need to drop off at.

Q: What happens if my clubs don’t arrive before me?

A: Please contact Ship Sticks toll-free at 1-855-867-9915 and a customer service representative will be happy to help locate your clubs, as well as take care of your immediate golf needs.

Q: How do I contact Ship Sticks?

A: Email – info@shipsticks.com or sales@shipsticks.com Phone: (855) 867-9915